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HandShield Anti-microbial foam hand sanitiser with residual protection 2x5lt


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Case Quantity: 2 x 5 litre
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HandShield is an industry leading anti-microbial foam hand sanitiser, delivering excellent protection including 99.99% deactivation of Corona virus in 30 seconds HandShield also has residual efficacy testing allowing you to enjoy that protection for up to 4 hours between applications. Testing was done against all enveloped viruses as definded in EN 14476: 2013+A2:219, this therefore includes all Coronaviruses and Sars-CoV2.

How does it work – Standard alcohol sanitisers with an alcohol content over 60% are effective but only the instance they are used, so require frequent re-application and have a tendency to irritate skin. HandShield with its unique anti-microbial technology is dermatologically tested and water based so kind to the skin. It has been tested against a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and is also both fungicidal and sporicidal, and gives you up to 4 hours residual protection to a rate of 99.8%. As a foam it is also up to 3 times more cost effective in use, and when you factor in the need to use the product less frequently, this could be up to 10 times that amount, delivering great value. There is no more cost-effective solution with independently tested residual protection available on the market today.

The Science – Tested to EN1276, EN14561, EN13704, EN1650, EN1275, EN14476, it is dermatologically tested with a 96-hour patch, it has had 30 second efficacy testing and both 2 hour residuality testing to 99.99% and 4 hour residuality testing to 99.8%. Some of the microbial strains it has been tested against include Vaccina Enveloped Virus, Coronavirus, Poxviridae, Ebola, Hepatitis C, Influenza, E. Coli, Rubella, Measles, Rabies, HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes, Yellow Fever & Dengue. Independent testing has been carried out by BluTest laboratories, Glasgow.

How to use – Use HandShield through a manual or automatic foam dispenser, fill the product up and dispense as per dispenser guidance. Once on the hands rub in thoroughly and enjoy the anti-microbial residual protection for up to 4 hours between uses.

When and where to use – This is ideal for anywhere that wants to increase its protection for themselves, staff, colleagues or customers. OES works to protect all surfaces, and this allows us to offer that same high level of residual protection to people as well as surfaces, allowing school children to have protection with only 2 or 3 applications a day, staff to be able to sanitise as they arrive at work, at lunch and as they leave. Leisure & hospitality customers to sanitise as they arrive and keep their hands safe until they leave.

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Carbon saving per product: 2.64 Kg

Made in the UK

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  • Tested against a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses, testing was done against all enveloped viruses as definded in EN 14476: 2013+A2:219, this therefore includes all Coronaviruses and Sars-CoV2.
  • Creates anti-microbial protection from viruses and bacteria for up to 4 hours
  • Dermatologically tested and kind to your skin
  • Corona virus deactivation in 30 seconds
  • Delivers up to 4 hours residual protection
  • Active ingredients – Didecyl Dimonium Chloride (<1%)
  • Ingredients – Aqua, PEG 6 Cocamide DEA, Citric Acid
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Tested to EU standards
  • 4 hour Residual testing
  • If in eyes – Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes, remove contact lenses if possible. If eye irritaiton persists seek medical advice
  • Do not use on irritated or broken skin
  • Children should use under adult supervision
  • To be used in conjunction with normal hand washing practises.
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