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We empower you to buy more sustainably, and reward you for those purchases. Then, allow you to measure your impact so you can retain and win new business on your eco credentials.

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No greenwashing guarantee, just a sustainable tool kit that helps you make a difference.

Our products are categorised by a transparent eco criteria based on a full supply chain audit, along with sustainable product filters and a simple comparison tool to make your purchasing decisions simpler and more efficient.


Unlock the power of sustainable products for your business

We boast a wide range of sustainable cleaning and washroom products with plenty of extra green incentives to look out for.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Choosing sustainable products shows a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, building trust and loyalty among customers. Businesses can differentiate themselves in the market and attract more eco-conscious consumers.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Energy-efficient products, eco-friendly packaging, and waste reduction help minimise expenses. Businesses can reduce waste, lower utility bills, and improve overall efficiency, resulting in long-term financial benefits.

Expand Customer Reach

With the increasing demand for eco-friendly options, businesses that offer sustainable products can tap into a growing customer base. This provides a competitive edge and expands the potential customer reach.


A greener,
 cleaner earth

Our mission is to build a greener future by planting trees, reducing carbon emissions, and creating a cleaner earth.


Trees planted


Kg of CO2 saved


Carbon offset in metric tonnes


Making a difference together

At Lime Sustainable Supplies, we believe in transparency and empowering our customers to make informed choices.

Making a difference together
Target for trees planted on your behalf this year.

Over 15,000

Target for trees planted on your behalf this year.

We have partnered with Ecologi, a leading environmental organisation, to make a tangible impact on reforestation efforts. Every sustainable purchase you make through Lime contributes to the certified planting of trees on your behalf.

Target for tonnes of carbon footprint reduction for a cleaner environment this year


Target for tonnes of carbon footprint reduction for a cleaner environment this year

By choosing our sustainable cleaning products, you play a significant role in reducing your carbon footprint through Scope 4. Our carefully curated range of eco-friendly solutions enables you to clean effectively while minimising environmental impact.

Target for offsetting tonnes of carbon and enhancing sustainability this year


Target for offsetting tonnes of carbon and enhancing sustainability this year

We are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals. By partnering with us, you gain access to our VCS & Gold Standard certified carbon offset program, putting you on the 1st step to offsetting your Scope 3 emissions.

What is a tonne of carbon?

What is a tonne of carbon?

Whether you save carbon through product choices in Scope 4, or they are offset for you for buying sustainably, it is important to understand the impact you are making & what a tonne of carbon represents. Whether that is the size and volume for example in a sphere it would be 10 meters wide and tall or what it offsets such as a standard petrol car driving for 1/2 a year or over 6000 miles. Take a look at some more examples on the left.

Sustainable to the core

We make it our mission to ensure your operations align with environmentally responsible practices.

Allowing you to visualise your sustainable journey, see the real life impact you’re making, and identify opportunities for improvement.

To do this we have to make sure we have measured our own impact and are on a continuous journey of improvement.


Measure our impact and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are on a journey of self improvement, we measure our environmental impact and then focus on reducing it. Challenging our suppliers for more sustainable products, reducing our business carbon footprint and leaving no leaf unturned in our pursuit of achieving our goal of a greener, cleaner earth.

Continuous process of product improvement

Our internal challenge is simple. To continuously improve the sustainable credentials of our products. Replacing or improving non eco with eco, and low tier eco with high tier eco while keeping full transparency. That way our customers always have the most sustainable choices available.

Reduction of our own carbon footprint

Small changes make a large impact, we have engaged our internal team and are focused on improving our own footprint. We have moved all our office lighting to LED and achieved zero landfill with our office waste, We are continually challenging all areas of our business to help benefit the wider environment.

Striving for net zero status

Our goal is a simple one, to become net zero, what does that mean, for us it is the ultimate achievement. It involves removing as many green house gasses as we create, and factoring in all 3 scopes in the calculation. First stop carbon neutrality, final destination net zero.

Measure, analyse, reduce

Our GHG reporting

To measure your true impact you need to measure all 3 scopes, sounds simple I know but many companies only look at scope 1 & 2, and then helpfully tell you that 90% of your emissions may lie in scope 3!

Our GHG reporting
Direct emissions

Scope 1

Direct emissions

GHG emissions from sources that comes as a direct result of an organisations activities. We monitor our business travel and power consumption in all areas of our building to make sure we know our impact.

Indirect electricity emissions

Scope 2

Indirect electricity emissions

Covers indirect emissions from the generation of energy an organisation uses. This includes electricity, as well as steam, heating, and cooling. As a non-manufacturer this isn't our biggest area but one we keep an eye on to make sure we reduce where we can.

Upstream & downstream indirect emissions

Scope 3

Upstream & downstream indirect emissions

The largest section, the indirect emissions from your upstream and downstream value & supply chains. This includes the production, transportation, use and end of life of goods and services bought by a company. A key one for us, the goods we buy and sell and how we deliver them. Our independent life cycle assessment (LCA) based carbon footprints allow us to be incredibly accurate in an area that most people ignore. We also look at the small stuff like being proud of the fact that our office waste is 100% landfill free!

Our impact

Download our GHG report in full

Transparency is the name of the game, as well as making our customers more sustainable we are looking inwards to make sure we continue to improve every aspect of our business. Sourcing new sustainable products, reducing office emissions, and offsetting where we can't reduce. We're walking the walk and believe that people in Green houses should throw stones, we just want to make sure they're sustainable stones.


  • Understand our sustainable principles.
  • See how we are measuring our carbon footprint.
  • Understand what we are doing to make us a cleaner, greener business.
  • Track how we are going to achieve our status as a carbon neutral business.


Our achievements

“We have not only elevated our commitment to environmental responsibility but also experienced tangible benefits across the board. Our clients appreciate our dedication to sustainability, which has helped them win new contracts and retain existing business.”
Our achievements

Matt Burtinshaw

Managing Director, Lime Sustainable Supplies


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Our clients are leading the way towards a greener future and enjoying the benefits.


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  • Show others how you are doing with your monthly ESG supply chain report

Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability shouldn't be like the dark arts, we use full transparency to shed some light on what it means to you, your customers and the wider environment.

How do you work out the carbon savings on a product?

We use an independent expert company who work out the carbon footprint of the products for us. This is based on a Life Cycle Assessment which looks at the Material sourcing, Component manufacturing, Final product assembly, Product transport, Product use and End of life recovery.

The criteria it uses to measure those levels are defined by the 16 principles of impact according to the European PEF.  The carbon footprint is then measured against an industry standard product and a carbon saving or increase is created in line with Scope 4. Allowing the customer to compare products on a like for like basis.

Why do you show the carbon saving & not the footprint?

Our entire mantra is to help people buy more sustainably. Giving a carbon footprint is like putting calories on a menu, it just makes people feel bad. However showing people the differing savings encourages them to buy better.

They can simply compare products to see which one is the most sustainable and move to that product secure in the knowledge that the move is saving carbon and making the world a better place. These carbon saving decisions are what is now referred to as Scope 4, however we built this in to our system before Scope 4 was a buzz word as it is just the right thing to do as we must reduce before we offset.

How do we know the trees are actually planted?

We use Ecologi a reputable environmental company that keeps a record of all the invoice receipts for the trees it plants around the world. If you want to know more about the records that are kept you can find further information here.

Ecologi only works with the leading ecosystem reforestation organisations, they have a strict due diligence onboarding system that covers everything from quality of wood to risk, and focuses on social impact, equity & fairness. All projects are actively monitored including spot checks from their team. They have a record of over 80% of the trees planted surviving and support projects around the world like the Eden Project & the Future forest company as well as projects in the UK like Project Earth. For more information on the projects being supported click here.

How does carbon offsetting work?

Our goal as a ecological community should always be to try to reduce our carbon footprint as far as we can. Once that is done you can then look at how to offset what is left. This is done by using a reputable company, we have chose Ecologi as our partner as they only support schemes that adhere to the Verified Carbon Standard or the Gold Standard.

Ecologi keeps a record of all the invoice receipts and tracking for it’s certified carbon offset projects around the world so you can see how it retires verified carbon credits. If you want to know more about the records that are kept you can find further information here.

We ask our customers to vote on which project to support every quarter, allowing us to spread the assistance while building buy in from our customer base on where they want to invest.

Can I use the carbon offset program to reduce my scope 3 levels?

The short answer is yes. We offset carbon using approved schemes and these can be directly offset against your scope 3 emissions. We are working on calculating your exact emissions which we can do with our independent carbon footprints on products. They currently cover over 75% of our customers purchasing but in the near future that will rise to over 90%. We will then be able to show you what your Scope 3 emissions are from us and we will then compare that directly to the Carbon we have offset making those deliveries and that part of your Scope 3 neutral and you will not have to count it in your reporting.

Combine that with our tools that help you reduce your carbon footprint by moving to products that are more sustainable and together we can help offset your Scope 3 emissions.

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