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If you are looking for professional quality, sustainable products to improve your home cleaning and bathroom, we have the solutions.

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Looking for high-quality cleaning products and toilet rolls that are eco-friendly and affordable? Look no further than our professional at-home range! Our products are designed for performance and sustainability, with full transparency on their eco credentials. Choose what matters most to you, from carbon footprint reduction to buying locally and reducing single-use plastic. Get the job done quicker and to a high standard without breaking the bank or harming the environment. Buy your way, the professional and sustainable way!

Our Mission

A greener,

cleaner earth

Our mission is to build a greener future by planting trees, reducing carbon emissions, and creating a cleaner earth.


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Domestic Sustainability

At Lime Sustainable Supplies, we believe in transparency and empowering our customers to make informed choices.

Our goal for trees planted on your behalf


Our goal for trees planted on your behalf

We have partnered with Ecologi, a leading environmental organisation, to make a tangible impact on reforestation efforts. Every sustainable purchase you make through Lime contributes to the planting of trees on your behalf.

Tonnes of single use plastic saved is our goal


Tonnes of single use plastic saved is our goal

We promote products that are single use plastic free as much as possible. By purchasing these products you help stop plastic waste entering our oceans and landfill.

Tonnes of carbon reduction for a cleaner environment is where we are going


Tonnes of carbon reduction for a cleaner environment is where we are going

By choosing our sustainable cleaning products, you play a significant role in reducing your carbon footprint. Our carefully curated range of eco-friendly solutions enables you to clean effectively while minimising environmental impact.


Domestic Products

We understand the importance of all things eco, natural, organic and plastic-free. You can shop an all sustainable selection of household cleaning products that are made with you and our planet in mind!

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Professional products with sustainable benefits

“Founded in 2010 we have always been a leader in the supply of professional cleaning products, but in recent years we have elevated our commitment to environmental responsibility and our dedication to sustainability, this runs through our hand picked range of high quality products that we have selected for the home user.”
Professional products with sustainable benefits


Managing Director, Lime Sustainable Supplies

Frequently asked questions

Still wondering how to get the most out of sustainable household cleaning, or what impact you are making? We have all the answers below.

How do I use my Soluclean sachets

The Soluclean cleaning sachets come in three types.

  1. Spray bottle sachet, for home use your compostable pouch contains two sachets. Fill your bottle with 750mls of water. The water can be cold or warm, but shouldn’t be hot. Drop in one of the sachets with its dissolvable film around it. Replace the spray head and shake until the sachet has dissolved. Shake each time before use.
  2. Bucket sachet, Fill your bucket with around 5 litres of warm to hot water. You can also use the sachet in cold water to be more environmentally friendly. Drop in the sachet and use your mop to agitate and swirl the water until it dissolves. Then mop your chosen area.
  3. Dishwasher & laundry sachets, these are designed to be used as one sachet per machine wash but follow the guidelines from your machine manufacturer. The dishwasher tablet is a 5 in 1 product so there is no need for salt or rinse aid, but it can be used with these products if you would like.
Are the Soluclean sachets and packaging sustainable?

The Soluclean sachets are made of PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) these dissolve in water and are eco friendly, odourless, non-toxic and biodegradable and micro organisms in the water system break them down creating natural H2O and CO2. They are packaged in a fully compostable sacks, meaning that there is zero plastic in the packaging.

The bottle for life spray bottle is made form 95% recycled UK milk bottles with only the level indicator on the side coming from virgin plastic.

How do you work out the carbon savings on a product?

We use an independent expert company who work out the carbon footprint of the products for us. This is based on a Life Cycle Assessment which looks at the Material sourcing, Component manufacturing, Final product assembly, Product transport, Product use and End of life recovery.

The criteria it uses to measure those levels are defined by the 16 principles of impact according to the European PEF.  The carbon footprint is then measured against an industry standard product and a carbon saving or increase is created. Allowing the customer to compare products on a like for like basis.

Why do you show the carbon saving & not the footprint?

Our entire mantra is to help people buy more sustainably. Giving a carbon footprint is like putting calories on a menu, it just makes people feel bad. However showing people the differing savings encourages them to buy better.

They can simply compare products to see which one is the most sustainable and move to that product secure in the knowledge that the move is saving carbon and making the world a better place. These carbon saving decisions are what is now referred to as Scope 4.

How do we know the trees are actually planted?

We use Ecologi a reputable environmental company that keeps a record of all the invoice receipts for the trees it plants around the world. If you want to know more about the records that are kept you can find further information here.

Ecologi only works with the leading ecosystem reforestation organisations, they have a strict due diligence onboarding system that covers everything from quality of wood to risk, and focuses on social impact, equity & fairness. All projects are actively monitored including spot checks from their team. They have a record of over 80% of the trees planted surviving and support projects around the world like the Eden Project & the Future forest company as well as projects in the UK like Project Earth. For more information on the projects being supported click here.

How does carbon offsetting work?

Our goal as a ecological community should always be to try to reduce our carbon footprint as far as we can. Once that is done you can then look at how to offset what is left. This is done by using a reputable company, we have chose Ecologi as our partner as they only support schemes that adhere to the Verified Carbon Standard or the Gold Standard.

Ecologi keeps a record of all the invoice receipts and tracking for it’s certified carbon offset projects around the world so you can see how it retires verified carbon credits. If you want to know more about the records that are kept you can find further information here.

We ask our customers to vote on which project to support every quarter, allowing us to spread the assistance while building buy in from our customer base on where they want to invest.

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