Plastic free sustainable cleaning

Plastic free or reduced plastic cleaning chemicals are a must in our modern world. The amount of plastic going in to landfill that doesn’t break down for 100’s of years and when it does creates micro-plastics needs addressing. We have chosen a range of plastic free soluble sachets and super concentrates made from natural products that replace 100’s of plastic bottles every time you buy them. Both include re-usable spray bottles made from recycled UK milk bottles and are the ultimate choice for sustainable cleaning.


Eco Rating

  • 3 Leaf (34)

Sustainable Certification

Living Wage Supplier

Country of Manufacture

Renewable Power in Manufacture


Product Composition - Natural / Plant Derived

Single Use Plastic

Eco Cost in Use

Aquatic Toxicity

Human Risk in Use (CLP)

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Paraben Free




Carbon Saving Co2

Main Material Sustainability

Printed Bottle


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