Paint Spray Gun Clean (133) 5lt


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Case Quantity: 1 x 5 litre
Code: 102024

Made from Mixed Alcohol & Hydrocarbons. General purpose spray gun and paint equipment cleaner. Gun cleaner is best used before paints have been allowed to dry on application equipment.

Carbon saving per product: 0.4 Kg

  • This gun cleaner combines the properties of a number of varying solvent types designed for the cleaning of spray guns and ancillary equipment.
  • The build up of dried chemically cured two pack paint must be avoided as solvents will only have a minimal effect on them.
  • For the cleaning of application equipment only.
  • Rinse out or soak spray equipment, brushes or rollers in the solvent.
  • Wear the recommended personal protective equipment detailed in the Material Safety Data Sheet when handling this product.
  • General – Move the fresh air at once. Get medical attention if any discomfort continues
  • Inhalation – Remove victim immediately from source of exposure. Provide fresh air, warmth & rest, preferably in a comfortable upright sitting position. Get medical attention if any discomfort continues.
  • Ingestion – Do not induce vomiting. If vomiting occurs, the head should be kept low so the stomache vomit does not enter the lungs. Never give liquid to an unconscious person. Immediately rinse mouth and drink plenty of water. Call an ambulance. Bring along safety data sheet.
  • Skin contact – Remove contaminated clothing. Wash the skin immediately with soap and water. Get medical attention promptly if symptoms occur after washing.
  • Ey contact – Make sure to remove any contact lenses from the eyes before rinsing. Promptly wash eyes with plenty of water while lifting the eye lids. Continue to rinse for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention.
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