28W 1149mm T5 High efficiency Fluorecent tubes tubes (30)


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28W 1149mm T5 High efficiency Fluorecent tubes tubes (30)

High Efficiency lamps

The High Efficiency range of T5 LongLast™ brings lumen efficacy up to 105 lm/W. Combined with an extremely long service life, this range of lamps is ideally suited for commercial and retail application in both direct and combined direct/indirect luminaires

High Output lamps

The extremely high surface illuminance of the High OutputT5 LongLast™ range makes these lamps ideal for indirect luminaires. These are the best suited to uplighting systems or direct lighting in high ceiling applications, such as thosein canopies or industrial situations.

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  • GE Lighting T5 LongLast™ linear fluorescent lamps comply with IEC/EN 60061, IEC/EN 60081 and IEC/EN 61195
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