Ecolab Regain kitchen floor, wall & surface cleaner (4 x 5lt) 900725


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Case Quantity: 4 x 5 litre
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A high quality Ecolab chemcial for the cleaning of all surfaces wihtin a kitchen environment.

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Ecovadis Platinum

  • Check hygiene plan and product label for
  • detailed use information.
  • Wipe up spills and sweep floor.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing when
  • handling the product.
  • Prepare the cleaning solution in a
  • bucket. Use 50-100 ml of Regain for 5 L
  • water depending on the level of soiling.
  • Increase concentration for stubborn
  • or persistent dirt. For periodical deep
  • cleaning, increase concentration up to
  • 25%. Utilize Ecolab dispenser.
  • Apply Regain floor cleaner with a
  • rasanTEC mop.
  • Brush floor with a stiff-bristled brush,
  • mop or machine.
  • Rinse with clear water afterwards.
  • Squeegee excess liquid towards drain.
  • Health and Safety Information
  • Do not Mix with other products
  • For further information and safety instructions, see product label and safety data sheet prior to use.
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Ecovadis Platinum