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Lotoxane Fast non-residue cleaner 12x500ml


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Case Quantity: 12 x 500ml
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LOTOXANE FAST is a highly refined solvent blend offering a combination of low odour excellent degreasing power and minimal residue on drying. Due to its high purity Lotoxane Fast provides a safer alternative to the most hazardous solvents used throughout Industry, Lotoxane Fast therefore provides one solution for use on the most sensitive metals and plastics and in critical applications as well as for general oil and grease removal. Lotoxane® Fast evaporates three times faster than standard Lotoxane but shares its other properties of low odour, safety on surfaces and minimal residue on drying.

Fair Eco Rating


Our Fair standard products represents a decent level of sustainability.

Carbon saving per product: 2.03 Kg

Made in the UK

ISO 14001

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  • Highly refined for minimal residue on drying.
  • Low odour and controlled evaporation reduce exposure in the workplace.
  • Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Excellent compatibility with metals and most plastics.
  • Flash point 40°C, Lotoxane Fast will evaporate and dry three times faster than standard Lotoxane.
  • Tested and approved by aerospace and other critical manufacturers.
  • Superb degreasing performance.
  • Provides a versatile degreasing solution to meet all manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and surface preparation needs.
  • Can reduce solvent consumption, reducing cost in use and aiding compliance with VOC limits.
  • APPEARANCE : Liquid
  • COLOUR : Colourless
  • ODOUR : Mild
  • SOLUBILITY : Insoluble in water
  • BOILING POINT (°C) : 160
  • RELATIVE DENSITY : 0.75 @ 15 °c
  • FLASH POINT (°C) : 40 P/M Pensky-Martens
  • LOWER (%) : 0.60
  • UPPER (%) : 6.50
  • Nuclear Electric, Rolls-Royce, Dubai Dry Dock Company, MoD NATO Stock No: 6850-99-215-6088, Coal Industry Assessment No: 7423, Scientifics
  • Approved, GE Aircraft Services, Pratt & Whitney International Aero Engines.
  • Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame
  • Provide good ventilation
  • Avoid contact with eyes
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