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Sustainable Sugarcane Bulk Pack 2 ply Soft Toilet Tissue (36)


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Case Quantity: 36 sleeves
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Sugarcane bulk pack 2ply interleaved toilet sheets made from bagasse a waste product of Sugarcane that previously would have been burnt or discarded in to landfill, they have a high quality bright white and soft finish to them due to the short fibres in the bagasse.

Sugarcane toilet tissue breaks down much faster than conventional paper and bamboo toilet roll in as quick as 4 seconds once it has entered the pipe system again due to its shorter fibres, which in turns lowers the risk of blockages.

Sugarcane can be harvested in 11 months unlike trees that can take 30 years, and as it is a by-product unlike bamboo it was being planted for its primary crop, the sugar, so this is improving on a waste cycle by using every part of the plant.

Although we don’t grow sugarcane in the UK and these products come from South East China, the container ships they come over on don’t add massively to their carbon footprint, and when this is linked to the fact they are made from a waste product they can deliver carbon savings on some traditional rolls as well as larger savings against bamboo based products.

They come in 36 sleeves, each containing 250 sheets of paper.

Good Eco Rating


Our Good standard products represents a high level of sustainability.

Carbon saving per product: 1.89 Kg


High Renewable Power in Manufacturing Process

Living Wage Supply Chain

Main Material Sustainability

  • Made from Sugarcane waste product bagasse
  • Interleaved sheets dispense one at a time
  • White and super soft to use
  • Breaks down in drainage system in 4 seconds
  • Wrapped sleeve
  • Refill in dispenser without waste
  • 2 ply design
  • Sheet size 103mm x 200mm
  • Sheet count 9000
  • Case configuration 36 x 250
  • 36 packs per case
Manufacturing & Sourcing

Living Wage Supplier


Renewable Power in Manufacturing Process

> 75%

Region of Manufacture

Rest of World

Main Raw Material Country of Origin

Rest of World

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Recycled or Pure FSC PEFC

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