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Pro-Mist Microfibre Disposable Mop Kit 104280


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The Innovative microfibre flat mop system combines the new Pro- Mist spray handle and microfibre pads for effective, rapid response floor cleaning without the need for buckets or constant wringing out.

The Pro-Mist features a removable bottle and trigger, which delivers a fine mist of solution directly to the cleaning surface, helping you to clean and dry floors quickly. The mop’s break-frame also has a built-in releas system to avoid user contact with the soiled mop.

This Microfibre Disposable Mop kit with a disposable Mi-mop is ideal in hygiene-critical areas such as restuarants where there is no access to laundry facilities.

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  • Remove the Pro-mist bottle and fill with water and/or cleaning agent, then reattach.
  • Squeeze the trigger to spray a fine mist onto the surface to be cleaned.
  • Mop in a figure of eight motion while holding onto the ergonomically rotating cap at the top of the handle.
  • New mop heads can easily be attached to the frame by releasing the break-frame, inserting either end into the pockets and push to lock in place.
  • Pro-Mist disposable system complete,
  • Includes handle with spray tank, frame and a pack of 10 disposable flat mops
  • 1.7kg weight
  • 44cm x 14cm x 138cm
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